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3 Blade aircraft Propellor with Spinner

This authentic classic 3-blade aviation propellor design featured on the later models Beech-18 / C-45 / Expeditor. As a contemporary of the DC-3 / C-47, the B-18 Twin-Beech (Beechcraft Model 18) was designed before the war and constructed in large numbers (over 9000) over more than 30 years, until 1969! It still flies here and there as a smaller cousin of the Douglas DC-3, mainly in North-American cargo duties and in General Aviation with private owners. The C-45 original 2-blade props were later replaced by the more efficient 3-blade airscrews with the beautifully designed Bullet nose Spinner. Weight and dimensions of this prop are very practical for interior decoration purposes: this prop makes a true symbol of the numbered days of the radial piston engine.

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210 to 240 cm

Blade length

100 to 120 cm

Est. weight
40 to 45 kg