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Supersonic starfighter ejection seats as intriguing interior display

This 1960-1968 ejection seat (model C-2) was the first used on the supersonic Mach 2 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. As there are hardly any such ejection seats for sale anymore, finding an ejection seat in this state is rarely seen.

The ejection seat has a fully mirror polished finish and features the holed sledge as lower sub frame for chair stabilization. It retains the original canvas webbing attached on the forward moving arm rests and has a stunning richness in details, finish and trim due to the array of cables, motors, arms, rivets etc.

All C-2 models have the original Lockheed manufacturing plate below the head rest, this as proof of authenticity.

If you want this ejection seat as a unique desk chair, please see the same seat converted with swivelling wheels.

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aluminium & leather